kayaking at pawna lake

Kayaking at Pawna Lake

Book kayaking at Pawna lake. This adventure activity exclusively available on Campsite G of Pawnacamp. Book camping online and get kayaking as well

6 thoughts on “Kayaking at Pawna Lake”

  1. hi do you provide only kayaking? if yes then what is the charge? also please tell about your camping packages. thanks

  2. Hi
    I want to do Kayaking on Sunday. How much for single person? How to book? As it shouldn’t happen that I come and find it unavailable. I don’t want to book the campsite tent or any other activities. Just Kayaking. I haven’t found any booking link in your site. So please guide me. I loved your enthusiasm and arrangements.

    1. We are providing kayaking with camping package only. However, you can check at Pawna lake boat club, in Ambegaon. I am sure they are providing boating, kayaking, and a few more activity on ticket basis.

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