Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Pawna Camp FAQ

(1) Is it available for this weekend ?

Ans : It is available for every weekend and weekday. Team Pawna Camp commited to make your weekend more joyful.

(2) Can I pay While check-in ?

Ans : No, You need to transfer some amount in advance. (Confirmation will be sent). For booking Now Click here!!

( 3) How many people can accommodate in one tent ? What is its size?

Ans : We have 2 person tents and 3 person tents

(4) Is the camping safe for woman and children ?

Ans : Yes, 100 {320d54def7192f137f93841c56b60e5c69abbd2eace25c7b630d6e0c63dd37cd}, Also we are always there to assist you.

(5) What are arrangements in a tent ?

Ans : Tent has proper mattresses, bed-sheets, pillow, etc.

(6) Can we charge our mobiles?

Ans : Yes, Charging points are there in restrooms.

(7) Are the toilets attached to tent ?

Ans : No, Toilets are not attached to tent. Its in restroom.

(8) Are there wild animals or insects ?

Ans : No, There no wild animals at nearby pawna camp and also we repel the peskiest of insects.

(9) Is there enough food provided ? Can i order more ?

Ans : Yes, the dinner is unlimited. However the BBQ is limited but you order it again.

(10) Do we have to roast our own BBQ ?

Ans : Its Your choice. We can make it for you.

(11) How is the mobile network at the Pawna campsite?

Ans : Jio, Idea, BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone is Good. Other networks are Poor or unreachable sometimes nearby the pawna lake camp area.

(12)Are the washrooms at campsite clean ?

Ans : Yes, We make sure that its clean and hygienic time to time.

(13)Who are the staff at the campsite?

Ans : We (Team Pawna Camp), Native people from Pavana region will be there to serve you.

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