UIC Vlog at Pawnacamp

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  1. I like You Bro

    1. Thank you !

  2. saw the uic vlog…ll surely love to visit the place soon

    1. You are always welcome !

  3. I cant wait to visit this place.. bt m sure after this vdio this place will be crowded on weekend so my qn to dinesh is what is the maximum capacity of people you can serve in one day? And how do u manage if many people visit at a time, so do you give personal attention to evryone like you gave to uic?

    1. UIC came on weekday that is why In video you can not find more people. I was coordinator that day. But on weekend there more coordinator and staff to take care of everything. Personal attention will be given by respective coordinator. Also i will available on call.

      We can accommodate around 50 people on each camp. Also more than that also on camp G,F . Advance booking is required

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